Sunday, July 24, 2011


Despite rumors of lurking hammerheads, we forged our way across the sea to the elusive Chinaman's Hat, a little offshore island down the road. We've driven past it so many times it was great to finally take in the views from the top. It's about a 20 minute walk along the reef, then, depending on your rock climbing skills, about 15 minutes to scale your way to the summit (we brought Kelly with us so it took about an hour). We triple-bagged our camera in ziplocks and held it above our heads the whole way over (I knew we should have gone with waterproof), but the view was worth capturing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Jared planned a little surprise hike for me and it was just my style.  We walked for approximately 3 minutes before we reached a lookout point...I'm all about instant gratification.  

It was really inspiring up there.  We wrote a few haikus, snapped some photos,
 and walked the 3 minutes back to the car. 

Definitely a success.   

Saturday, February 26, 2011


We have been so lucky lately with family and friends (that feel like family) coming to visit!

First we had Kat and Jeff.  Soo good to be wit my bestie again.

Highlights of the trip:
Kat's voice
Running for our lives away from waves
Camping in the FREEZING cold
Eating at classy restaurants like Taco Bell and Denny's everynight
I know we look a little too in love in this picture...I think we kind of are. 

Kat, Jeff, and Jared:
Thank you for letting us eat out at Denny's. I'm sorry I spent so long trying to convince all of you that Denny's isn't ghetto.  I stand corrected.  I may or may not have found a hair in my pancakes.   My ego just couldn't handle spilling the news until now. 

A week later the Nobles came to visit!! 

Highlights of the trip:
Teaching them the Hukilau song
Making sand castles with Ave
Gettin' in a pickle
Helping Janel cross surfing off her bucket list :)

 It was so much fun to have family here for the first time!  We had a great week and even got to stay in Ko'Olina with them.  I sure had missed my pipsqueak little Avery girl. 

Last, but not least, my mom and dad finally came!

Highlights of the Trip:
My dad bodyboarding
My mom's secret segway skills
Whale watching
Celebrating my dad's birthday
Picnic at Malaekahana

I was so impressed with my parents!  I kept telling Jared, "No, they won't want to do that".  I guess I thought they were getting old or something :), but I underestimated them.  We had such a good time.  We loved having them here and I was glad to finally show them where we live. 

We are so grateful for everyone coming to visit us and we made so many good memories with all of you.  WE LOVE YOU! 

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