Tuesday, July 24, 2012


On May 20, 2012 our lives were changed forever.  Our sweet baby, Holden Archer Lee, was born at 9:15 in the morning.  He weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Jared and I were both so excited to be parents.  We were always talking, planning, and daydreaming about having a son.  We had been counting down the days until we could meet our little boy.  We were already in love with him and could not wait to hold him in our arms.  When he finally came, the feeling of being a parent to this perfect baby far surpassed every hope and dream.  We were absolutely smitten with him.  He immediately became the center of our world.  Simply every little thing about him melted our hearts.  He is absolutely perfect for us.  We love his tiny little knees, soft, wrinkly skin, long fingers and toes, his perfect auburn hair, his skinny arms and legs, the cutest little lips, the way he would snuggle into us, and most especially his big blue eyes that stared straight into ours.  He touched our very souls the moment he came into this world.  Our hearts had never experienced such love.

As our time with Holden went on, we realized more and more just how amazing his spirit is.  His baby body contained a hugely mature, wise, humble, and courageous spirit.  I will never be able to properly express the feelings I had when Holden looked into my eyes.  He truly was so patient and so wise.  I spilled my every fear and worry to my sweet baby and though I am his mother and was holding him in my arms, he is the one who brought peace to my heart.  I strive to be more like my son who patiently endured every pain and humbly obeyed his Heavenly Father's will.  As much as we long to be with our son, we know that Holden has a great purpose in the Spirit World.  We are grateful for the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that teaches us that Holden is an elect son of our Heavenly Father, and was so diligent and so righteous that he did not need to be tested.  He has already proven himself and is a Celestial child.  During this time of painful separation, Jared and I find solace in the covenants we have made with God.  We know that we will see Holden again and that we will get to raise our perfect boy in the millennium.  We are working our very hardest to qualify ourselves to be with our son forever.  We know that our bond with Holden is stronger than death and that families are forever.  That is the greatest blessing we could ever ask for. 

We love you so much, Holden.  We could not be more proud to be your parents.  What an honor Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us.  We will never be the same.   


 P.S.  Even though few people were able to meet Holden, he is loved by many.  We wanted a way to help our family and friends get to know our little boy a little bit better.  We wish there was a way to fully express how much we love him and how amazing he is.  We hope this video gives you an idea, and helps you to feel of Holden's strong spirit.  

Holden Archer Lee Memorial from Jared Lee on Vimeo.


Jacquie Cloud said...

Beautifully written Cait! I am so impressed by you and Jared and how you have faced this trial head on. I'm also happy you are back in Utah, we should do lunch sometime and catch up.

M and A Harrison said...

You guys continue to be in our prayers. Thank you for your example and courage. What a sweet boy your Holden is. Much love and Aloha

Vicki said...

This is beautiful! We are so amazed and grateful for the faith, courage and wisdom that both of you have! We love you so much!
Mom and Dad aka Vicki and Paul

Michelle said...

What a beautiful little boy. I love him so much and think of him all the time. He is constantly in my thoughts and I feel so blessed that he is in our family.

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