Saturday, April 21, 2012


I've been waiting for it to kick in, and the arrival of our stroller and car seat really did it to us.  Jared has already installed the base into the backseat of our car and tested the car seat out with a ten pound dumbbell.  He collapses and re-opens our stroller probably 3 times a day.  We also have our cradle set up and it looks so cute by the window with the perfect little quilt made by my mom in it.  We might be jumping the gun just a bit considering we still have 4 weeks, but we were just too excited to wait any longer.    

Fresh out of the box- our stroller and car seat with cover compliments of Grandma
My 35 week belly!
On a side note:
 I graduated! Jared took me out for a celebration dinner
 and I wanted a picture of myself as a pregnant graduate,
even though I opted out of the cap and gown.

Cradle, quilt, and sleep sheep nestled (squished) next to our bed.


hkfarnsworth said...

u are so cute prego!! it was great seeing you in the temple the other night! good luck with the arrival of your little one. Also.... congrats on graduating!!!!! i didnt know you were finished. Lucky duck!

Carley said...

So cute! I'm so excited for you guys!! You need to keep this updated so I can see that boy when he comes!

Ashley said...

you are super cute pregnant!! i'm excited for you... you'll love being a mom!

... said...

Hi Caitlin!

Oh my goodness, I was totally looking at someones blog and saw yours and thought I would take a quick peek! I can't believe that you are preggers!! Congratulations! You will be so awesome!!

Good on you and good luck


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